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Guidelines For Manuscripts

1. All manuscripts should represent the original work of the author(s). Submission of a manuscript to this Journal represents a certification on the part of the author(s) that it is an original work, and that neither this manuscript nor a version of it has been published elsewhere, nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.

2. lllinois Child Welfare allows for variations in length depending on the standards of your field and also the requirements of adequately addressing your topic. As general guidelines, articles should be 9,000 words (about 30 manuscript pages) or less; brief papers should be around 3,000 words (about 10 manuscript pages).

3. Format:
References, citations, and general style of manuscripts for this journal should follow the guidelines published in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Long articles or articles containing complex material should be broken up by short, meaningful subheadings.

Margins: leave at least a one-inch margin on all four sides.

Paper: use white, 8-1/2" x 11" bond paper.

Number of copies: 4 (the original plus three photocopies). Manuscripts should also be submitted in electronic form (via diskette or e-mail to the Editor-in-Chief). If there are discrepancies between the hard copy and the diskette version, the journal staff will use the hard copy and notify the author. On the outside of the diskette package write include the brand name of your computer or word processor, the word-processing program that you used, the title of your article, and the file name of your article.

All tables, figures, illustrations, etc. must be "camera-ready." That is, they must be cleanly typed or artistically prepared so that they can be used either exactly as they are or else used after a photographic reduction in size. Figures, tables, and illustrations must be prepared on separate sheets of paper. In text, skip extra lines and indicate where these figures and tables are to be placed (please do not write on face of art). Photographs are considered part of the acceptable manuscript and remain with Publisher for use in additional printings.

4. To preserve anonymity, staple a cover page to the manuscript, indicating only the article title (this is used for anonymous refereeing), an abstract of 150 words or less, and 5-6 key words for index purposes;. then, enclose a regular title page but do not staple it to the manuscript. Include the title again, plus full authorship, an introductory footnote with authors' academic degrees, professional titles, affiliations, mailing and email addresses, and any desired acknowledgement of research support or other credit.

5. Copyright ownership of your manuscript must be transferred officially to Illinois Child Welfare before we can schedule your manuscript for publication. The Editor's letter acknowledging acceptance of the manuscript will be accompanied by a form fully explaining this. All authors must sign the form and return the original to the Editor before the article can be scheduled for publication.

6. Upon acceptance for publication, the author(s) will have the opportunity to revise the paper according to the feedback from the reviewers, and the article will be copy-edited by the journal staff. You will not be receiving galley proofs of your article, but the author(s) will work with journal staff and will have the opportunity to review the final version of the copy-edited article prior to its publication. Authors will include with the final draft a summary of 1-2 pages for readers who are not knowledgeable in the author's area of expertise. In addition, to make it possible for readers to obtain CEU credit, the author should add 7-10 questions that will be appended to the article, with answers that will be used by journal staff to evaluate whether the CEU credit can be awarded.


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