Illinois Child Welfare

Journal Articles

Volume 2 • Number 2 (2005)

New Service For Authors

Track Your Manuscripts
Many changes for the editorial staff are making it possible to considerably streamline the review and decision process and establish a rapid process that will be transparent for authors (of course with the exception that all reviews remain double-blind). If you submit a manuscript to Illinois Child Welfare, starting January 5, 2007 you will be able to track the progress of your manuscript through the review process and, if your paper is published, all the way through the copy-editing stages to publication.

You will be able to create a log-on id and password on the journal website, log-in and see when your paper is sent out for review, the decision of each reviewer with regard to acceptance, and the final decision about publication. Then, if your manuscript will be published, you will be able to track the scheduled date of publication and the editing process (reference check, copy-editing, formatting the manuscript including your bio and acknowledgments, and resubmitting the manuscript to you for your copyright permission). Please see for more information.

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