Illinois Child Welfare

Advertising Policies

A. Benefits of Advertisement

Illinois Child Welfare is a resource for practitioners, program managers, and policy-makers in the field of child welfare who are looking for knowledge that helps improve services to children and families. Honoring the diversity of cultures and perspectives that constitute child welfare, the journal offers dialogue, constructive debate, and innovative understandings of problems as well as effective solutions. Illinois Child Welfare is multidisciplinary, with editors drawn from the fields of social work, psychology, education, law and medicine. Grounded in an inclusive approach to research, Illinois Child Welfare has a cross-cultural and global focus. The journal is co-sponsored by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Loyola School of Social Work. However, policy and content are decided by the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board.

Illinois Child Welfare has several unique features that make it good resource for those seeking to advertise to diverse audiences. It is a source of information for service providers as well as scholars. The Editorial Boards and the journal's content represent the diverse constituencies and perspectives that make up contemporary child welfare practice. Readers of Illinois Child Welfare include social service agency staff, supervisors, and administrators; educators, attorneys, and pediatricians specializing in child welfare topics, and policy-makers and community organizers who focus on advocacy for children and families. The journal is available both in hard copy and on the world-wide web. The cost of the journal is designed so that it can be available to readers around the world as well as in the United States.

B. Policy statements

  1. General
    1. All advertising is subject to the Editor-in-Chief's approval.
    2. Illinois Child Welfare (henceforth, 'the journal') complies with the provisions of applicable federal laws prohibiting discrimination.
    3. Placement of ads will be at the journal's discretion, although advertiser's preference will be met whenever possible.
    4. The journal does not accept advertising for candidates for elective office. .
  2. Liability
    1. Publication of an advertisement does not constitute endorsement or approval of any product or service advertised, or any point of view, standard, or opinion presented therein. is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement appearing in its publications.
    2. The advertiser and/or advertising agency assume liability for all ad content including text preparation and illustrations. It is understood that the advertiser and/or advertising agency will indemnify and hold the journal harmless from and against any loss, expense, or other liability resulting from any suits including actions for libel, breach of warranty, negligence, product liability, misrepresentation, fraud, violation of privacy, plagiarismcopyright infringement, and any other claims or suits whatsoever that may arise from publication of such advertisement.
    3. The journal will not be bound by any term(s) or condition(s) that an advertiser includes on order forms or invoices unless the journal agreed in writing to such term(s) or condition(s).
    4. Other than the return of any charge that has been paid, the journal not liable for any alleged loss or damages if an advertisement is omitted for any reason. e. Advertiser claims for errors will be decided on a case-by-case basis with discounts offered for the advertisement in question or on the advertiser's next order provided it is determined that the journal made the error and that the error seriously affected advertising results.
    Illinois Child Welfare reserves the right unilaterally to reject or cancel advertising in this publication for any reason at any time.

  3. Personnel Advertising
    1. The journal adheres to federal civil rights laws applicable to personnel advertisements.
    2. The journal does not maintain box numbers for recruitment advertisers.

  4. Placement of Orders
    1. The placement of an order for an advertisement or advertisements constitutes an acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising is sold at that time.
    2. To qualify for a multi-issue reduction, advertising must be placed on a contract basis on the terms applicable to individual periodicals. A contract starts with the first insertion. Sixty (60) days written notice is required for contract cancellation by publisher or advertiser.
    3. If new copy for contract ads is not received by the closing date, standing copy will be used.
    4. The journal will provide notice of rate changes at the earliest feasible time and at least in the issue preceding the first issue to be affected. Any advertising contract ratified before a rate change is announced will be honored at the contracted rate for the life of the contract. Renewals of such contracts will be subject to the rates prevailing at the time of renewal.
    5. No cancellations will be accepted after closing dates. Advertisers who fail to notify the publisher of cancellation prior to closing date will be required to pay the full price for insertion. Cover insertion orders may not be cancelled.
    6. Current rates, dimensions, closing dates, and so forth are published in the journal's rate card.
    7. Advertising orders will not be accepted by phone. All advertising must be received in writing by the deadline date.

  5. Copy
    1. Advertisements that resemble the format and layout of the periodical itself will not be accepted without the label "Advertisement."
    2. b. The journal reserves the right to add its own specific disclaimer to any ad.
    3. Preferred copy is negative or camera-ready repro. Prices do not include costs of mechanical preparation of advertisements. Typesetting, camera work, copy changes, design, and borders will be billed separately; production charges are noncommissionable.

  6. Inserts
    1. Preprinted inserts will be priced at a two-page black-and-white rate plus binding charges. Advertisers should inquire about stock and size requirements before printing. Sample copy for all inserts and postcards must be submitted to the journal for approval 60 days prior to issue date. Inserts are available for journals only. The journal does not accept bound inserts.
  7. Terms
    The terms for all advertising charges are net 30 days.

C. Rates

Size of Ad 1 Issue 2 Issues
(cost per issue)
3 Issues
(cost per issue)
Inside Front or Back Cover $220 $200 $180
Full Page $180 $150 $120
Half Page (Horizontal) $90 $70 $50
Two-thirds page $120 $100 $80
Quarter Page (Horizontal) $45 $35 $30

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